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Humber College is a Bee Campus!

In the past year, Humber College strengthened campus awareness on pollinator initiatives through multiple events and engagement that had a wide reach within the college community. The groundskeeping team focused on the care and maintenance of existing pollinator gardens to ensure viability of plants. Four Bee Campus signs were installed on campus pollinator-friendly gardens.

In addition to pollinator awareness and groundskeeping, the Indigenous Education and Engagement (IE&E) team focused on reinforcing Indigenous students, staff, and faculty connection to sacred medicines on campus. The IE&E team revitalized community involvement with the Medicine Garden, that counts with three of the four sacred medicines: Asemaa (tobacco), Muskodaywushk (sage), and Weengushk (sweetgrass). The fourth medicine, Geezhig (cedar), was used in the cross pieces of the structure above the garden.

The Humber Arboretum team continued efforts related to invasive species removal, strengthened community programming that raises awareness on pollinators and native species restoration, and native species planting.

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Bee Campus Humber College

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