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Bee Campus Application

Make a difference by becoming a Bee City and pledging to protect pollinators and their habitats in your community

Become a Bee Campus

Follow these steps to apply

There are two ways to apply. You can either complete the online application form below or download the PDF application and send through email to applications@beecitycanada.org.

While filling out the application form, you can Save & Resume your progress using the button at the bottom of the page.

Bee Campus Application

A) Campus Information

B) Applicant’s Information

C) Becoming a Bee Campus 

D) Commitments & Actions

In order to enhance the understanding of the students and staff about the vital role that pollinators play in a healthy ecosystem, the applicant agrees to meet the following commitments required of all Bee City Campuses: 

1. Create a Bee City Pollinator Team

The team will be responsible for overseeing the Bee Campus program. We recommend a committee of at least two faculty members, 2-5 students, campus staff, including employees from the campus grounds department.

2. Develop a Pollinator Habitat Action Plan:
3. Promote Education about Pollinators: 
4. Celebrate Pollinators: 

E) Other Requirements

F) Annual Fee

There are no fees on the initial application. The fees below apply to your annual renewal.

G) Website/Social Media Content


Once you are officially a Bee City Canada member, we will create a page for your campus on our website, where we will share your logo and information about your community’s initiatives, including your initial application and the annual renewal applications that you submit. We will also create a social media post to welcome your community. Please provide the following information for the website and our social media post:

H) Resolution and Signature

WHEREAS the goal of Bee City Canada is to promote healthy, biodiverse habitats for pollinators in communities across Canada.

THAT bees and other pollinators around the globe have experienced dramatic declines due to land fragmentation, habitat loss, use of pesticides, industrialized agriculture, climate change and the spread of pests and diseases, with serious implications for the future health of flora and fauna for the planet; and

THAT colleges and universities have the opportunity to take actions to support pollinators by creating healthy habitats within their grounds and the broader community; and

THAT supporting pollinators fosters environmental awareness, increases interactions and engagement among campus community members and reminds us of our responsibility to take care of mother earth for future generation; and

THAT staff be authorized to submit the Bee Campus Application to designate (college/university) as a Bee Campus; and


THAT your campus accepts the designation and commits to the standards of the Bee City Canada Program.

I) Next Steps

Your application will be reviewed within three business days. We will notify you as soon as your application has been approved or promptly request any clarification, if necessary.

J) Bee City Canada’s Commitment

Bee City Canada is committed to publicizing your membership as a Bee Campus through our website and social media. In addition, we will send a welcome email, a digital copy of the Bee City Canada Handbook for Bee City Communities, and a digital Declaration, recognizing your community as a Bee Campus. We will also coordinate an introductory call to meet your Pollinator Team, discuss your community’s pollinator initiatives, and answer any questions that you have.

Bee City Canada is grateful for your commitment to take positive actions to help pollinators and for being a role model for other communities across Canada.