Bee City Business Application


Join the Bee City Business Program

Show that your business or non-profit organization is committed to helping pollinators.

Here’s how:

1. Complete application – Download and complete the Bee City Business application form.

2. Send for approval – Email your completed application form to [email protected] for review. Bee City Canada will notify you as soon as your documents have been approved or promptly request any clarification, if necessary.

Once a Bee City Business:

1. Celebrate by taking part in National Pollinator Week and other public awareness initiatives. Promote your activities through social media, your website and signs in your community.

2. Complete your resolution and make an impact in your community. Meeting your goals is vital and a change worth talking about.

3. Apply to renew your Bee City Business designation, year-after-year.

If you have any questions about the Bee City Business Program, please call Shelly Candel at 647-402-0133.


There is a yearly fee for Bee City Businesses depending on employee numbers. Fees are used to offer our Bee City partners more resources, such as educational “Buzz” webinars and promoting our Bee Businesses.

Micro Business (1 to 5 full time employees) $200
Small Business (6 to 50 full time employees) $300
Medium Business (51 – 100 Full time Employee) $400
Large Business (+100 employees) Please Contact Us.
Proud to be a Bee City

English Language Application
MS Word | PDF

French Language Application
MS Word | PDF