Our Team

Driven by a team of experts and concerned, passionate people, Bee City Canada is made up by researchers, educators, beekeepers, farmers, ecologists, community leaders and many other committed individuals across Canada.  We strive to help all Canadians better understand our close connection with pollinators and their critical link to the health of the planet. Our goals are to give direction and encouragement on the actions we can all take to help all pollinators.

Photo courtesy Stephanie Lam

Shelly Candel


Shelly started Bee City Canada back in early 2016 inspired by the success of Bee City USA and the brilliance of its founder, Phyllis Stiles. Shelly studied agriculture at the University of Guelph and became passionate and concerned about pollinators shortly after she started a farmers market at the Toronto Botanical Gardens.

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Caitlin Brant

Program Director

Caitlin has a background in Conservation Biology and after completing her Master’s of Science in 2018, became more aware of the global decline in pollinator populations including insects, bats and birds. She joined the Bee City Canada team in 2019. Caitlin believes public awareness and positive conservation education are key aspects to protecting Canada’s pollinators.
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Nick Savva

Director of Communications

As a young boy, Nick spent countless hours roaming the countryside near his home, observing insects, birds, plants and other living things. He joined Bee City Canada in 2016, bringing with him his passion for nature and over 22 years of experience gained while working in the corporate world. If he’s not at work, you’ll likely find him in his yard tending to his tomato plants. 

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