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There are many benefits associated with becoming a Bee Campus.

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Bee Campus Benefits

A Bee Campus is a college, university or institution for higher education that is committed to helping pollinators.

Starts a Conversation

A Bee Campus begins conversations about how to reduce and eliminate chemicals that are harmful to pollinators.

Raises Awareness

A Bee Campus raises awareness of pollinator diversity and the benefits of using native plants in habitat restoration.

Inspires Students

A Bee Campus sets an example and inspires students with the knowledge that they all have a role to play.

Creates Beauty

A Bee Campus selects pollinator friendly plants including native flowers, trees, shrubs, vines, forbs and grasses.

Become a Bee Campus

Follow These Steps

There are two ways to apply.

You can either complete the online application form or download the PDF application and email it to

Either submit our online application or download and complete the PDF application form. We recommend that this is done by your Bee City liaison, the main contact for the Bee Campus program at your learning institution.

Have your completed application reviewed and signed by your institution’s President, Dean or highest official.

Send your completed and signed application form to for review. Bee City Canada will notify you as soon as your documents have been approved or promptly request any clarification, if necessary.

There is no initial fee to become a Bee Campus

Your first year is free, and fees are charge upon your annual renewals based on the number of students enrolled.

Number of Students Renewal Fee
3,000 or less FREE
3,001 – 5,000 $200
5,001 – 10,000 $300
10,001 – 20,000 $400
Over a 20,000 $500

Once Declared

Celebrate being a Bee Campus

Post Bee Campus signs around your school and by organize and take part in activities, in recognition of Pollinator Week. Use social media, your website and signs to create a “buzz!”

Execute your plan

Make an impact in your community. Meeting your goals is vital and the change worth talking about.

Record your activities

and renew your Bee Campus commitments, year-after-year.

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Make a difference by becoming a Bee Campus and making a pledge to protect pollinators and their habitats.

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