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About Us

Bee City Canada is about communities working together to protect pollinators and preserve the beauty of nature.

About Bee City Canada

Our Mission

Bee City Canada’s mission is to recognize and support municipalities, Indigenous Communities, campuses, schools, and other organizations that are taking action to protect and promote pollinators.

How do we do this?

We offer programs which recognize communities and organizations that are taking steps or are committed to future initiatives to help pollinators.

Cities, Towns, Municipalities  and First Nations can apply to become a Bee City. An annual fee applies based on your population however First Nations can join for free.

Universities and Colleges can join our Bee Campus program for a small annual renewal fee.

Schools can join our Bee School program and bring pollinators into the classroom. Our Bee School program is completely free.


All program participants must commit to:


Creating, maintaining and/or improving pollinator habitat.


Educating their community, students, employees and/or customers about the importance of pollinators.


Celebrating pollinators during National Pollinator Week or at other times of year.

Our vision is for Canada to be a world leader in pollinator conservation – a place where people and pollinators can thrive together.

-Bee City Canada


Bee Communities Across Canada

Community Building

Bee communities educate people about the importance of pollinators in our daily lives.

Protect Pollinators

A Bee Community protects pollinators by reducing or eliminating pesticides and providing healthy habitat.

Beautify Your Land

A Bee Community creates beauty by planting pollinator friendly plants and flowers.

Spread The Love

Bee Communities celebrate pollinators and show them gratitude for what they provide us.

Two native bees on a yellow cone flower
Bee City Canada

Our Story

Bee City Canada began in 2016, inspired by the belief that municipalities can become champions for pollinators across Canada and modelled after the successful Bee City USA initiative. The program’s promise was immediately recognized when in March of that year, Toronto City Council voted unanimously to become the first Bee City in Canada. Bee City Canada grew rapidly from an inspired belief into a large and passionate community, soon welcoming not only municipalities, but also Indigenous Communities, campuses, schools, and other organizations.

Members of the Bee City Canada program commit to protecting and promoting pollinators through habitat creation and management, community education and engagement, and celebrating pollinators during Pollinator Week (the third week of June).

As of 2024, Bee City Canada has more than 180 members from coast to coast, making clear that our message has resonated with Canadians and that communities across the country are prepared to take action to protect and promote pollinators.


200 Bee Communities!

Bee City Canada has partnered with over 200 Canadian cities, schools, campuses and businesses.


Pollinator Partneship

Bee City Canada becomes a signature program of Pollinator Partnership Canada


100 Bee Communities!

Bee City Canada reaches 100 City, Campus, School and Business partners!


Bee Partners Program

The Bee Partner prrogram launches, recognizing socially responsible businesses, non-profit groups and other organizations that are working to protect pollinators.


Registered Charity

Bee City Canada becomes a federally registered charitable organization.


Bee School Program

The Bee School program is introduced. Tredway Woodsworth Public School is recognized as the first Canadian Bee School.


Toronto Declared Our 1st Bee City

The idea of a Bee City caught on right away with Toronto City Council voting unanimously to become the first Bee City in Canada in March 2016.


Program Coordinator

Adèle Grenouilleau

Project Coordinator
Our Team

Meet Our Expert Team

Bee City Canada is driven by a team of experts and concerned, passionate people.